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dkTaskScheduler V1.0-000
.Net Task scheduler in C# with a defined maximum concurrency level without using the thread pool and providing better performance than generic samples.
2012/09/05 Link to ZIP archive
SQLStress has migrated to www.sqlstress.com
dkChannelLoad V1.0-001
(Minimum requirement is Windows 7)  "802.11b Channel Load" is usefull for choosing the right channel for an 802.11b Wifi access point. It determines the channels with the lowest load in the current environment.
2011/06/27 Link to ZIP archive
dkPurge V2.0-004
(.Net Framework 3.5 required)
2012/02/21 Link to ZIP archive
dkSyslog V2.2
(.Net Framework required) BSD syslog Collector according to RFC3164 Implemented as a Windows Service using Event  Logs
2018/02/17 Link to ZIP archive
dkBusy V2.0-003
CPU & Numa Memory Test
2011/04/01 Link to ZIP archive
Schedule Daily Backup 2002/01/14 Link to ZIP archive
IO Tools Windows NT 2001/12/20 Link to ZIP archive
Multithreaded Dhrystone 1997/06/09 Link to ZIP archive
Path Editor
(PathEdit - Graphical Editor for the Windows Path and other environment variables)
2002/09/15 Link to ZIP archive
ADO/OLEDB Ping 2004/03/05 Link to ZIP archive
Map the recordings of a Porsche Communication System (PCM) on to a Bing Map
2010/05/17 dkPCM